Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's Been In the Beer Guide

Spurred on by Iain's post about pubs not in the Good Beer Guide and galvanised by a chat last night in the pub, I decided, in the interests of local research, to revisit the guides from 2000 to 2008 and see which pubs in Huddersfield have actually made it. And quite enlightening it was too!!

Out of the 13 pubs and 3 clubs listed only one has featured in every volume, that being the Rat & Ratchet (below), originally as Andy Moorhouses's brew pub and more recently as part of the Ossett empire. One club and one pub made six appearances each - the Marsh Liberal Club (reappearing this year after a three year absence) and the Fieldhead at Quarmby, last showing in 2006.

Three pubs have made five consecutive appearances, all starting in 2004 so still going strong - namely the Star Inn, Station Tavern and The White Cross at Bradley. The Slubbers Arms has also made five but with a break. The ICI (or Syngenta) Club had four entries in the early part of the decade but has not featured since, in fact I seem to recall it hosting Huddersfield Beer Festival one year.

This then leaves eight pubs so far unaccounted for. The couple of one time entrants are the Grove (2008) and The County (2002). The Albert (2003/6) and the Dusty Miller (2003/4) made it twice, along with Cowcliffe Liberal Club (2007/8). Finally this leaves the three pubs that have each made three appearances in the guide - one is currently in there, the others are not - but can you guess which they are? Answers in comments below.

Just shows how Huddersfield has improved as a drinking town though - this year we have nine entries in the guide, compared with seven for the last two years. All well deserved, and the good pubs here seem to go from strength to strength. Good luck to them all.

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Timbo said...

For those left wondering. The Shoulder of Mutton (2008/1/0), the Head Of Steam (2000/1/4) and the Flyboat (2004/5/7).