Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Star Inn - Huddersfield CAMRA Pub of the Year

Today sees the start of the Spring beer festival at the Star Inn so we thought it a good time to do a picture profile of this extraordinary back street boozer, especially as it has just been voted pub of the year by the local CAMRA branch.

It has to be said that even without it's three annual festivals the Star would top the favourite pub list of a large percentage of local real ale enthusiasts with it's rapid turnover of widely sourced beer, friendly and knowledgeable staff and convivial atmosphere. With ten handpumps on the bar only Taylors (Landlord or Best) and Pictish Brewers Gold are permanent whilst the remainder can serve an eclectic choice, often as a result of regulars' requests.

If your beer cravings require you to sniff out something a little different from maybe a little further afield then this is certainly a good place to start. Landlady Sam Watt is one of a special breed of publicans who seemingly can't do enough for her regular clientele, who in turn give their support for her organising and hard work with unwavering devotion.

But it's the festivals that really set this pub apart. In fact it's difficult to think of many other non-CAMRA organised events that are so highly regarded and widely supported. Indeed the drinkers attending this weeks festival will in many cases have travelled as far as the beers!

Whether seeking to sample the vast range of styles now available in the UK or simply scooping the very latest offerings from the very newest breweries, The Star is where you'll need to be this week.

So set aside some time and let Sam and her team guide you through the weird and wonderful world of Britain's booming real ale scene and experience an unforgettable five days in beer heaven. (map)


Where's Folly? Study the above photographs carefully to reveal the whereabouts of the well known limelight-grabbing black spaniel!

This post will continue to be updated in the Pub Profiles section with additional information and pictures. Also look out for Tim's round up of all the highlights from this latest festival.


Anonymous said...

Best pub in Huddersfield by miles, would travel, and have travelled all the way from Italy to drink there! Spider & Mrs Spider

daveyravey said...

Voted Pub of the Year at last night's CAMRA meeting.
Well done

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Sam & her team on another well deserved award!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news Dave...well done Sam and all the super hardworking staff at the Star!!!
I am getting quite excited about the fest already!! Looks like the usual mix of great beers. See everyone later.