Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rarities at The Grove

Whilst spending a little time at the Grove, I was checking the pump clips of the beers to come and was interested - no, very interested to see two rare beers there.

It is not unusual for landlord Ian to provide unusual beer as he does often travel the length of the country to satisfy the thirsts of his loyal drinkers, as well as being an avid collector of unique foreign beers. Just recently he has provided us with some tasty Brew Dog ales including the 6% Punk IPA, but the next to come from this iconic Scottish brewery is Trashy Blonde at 4.1 % (according to the improvised clip) which I've never even heard of let alone tasted - should be interesting!

Another coming soon is Marble Ginger 6 (6.0%). I know it has been bottled before, and occasionally appears in The Marble Arch, but I have never tried it. My information from those in the know is that this is Ginger Marble's big brother and an excellent beer.

For those who have not visited the Grove, there are 10 guest beers, 8 regulars, (recent additions being Marble Ginger and Durham Magus) and a host of different bottled beers from all over the world. Add to this some of the most bizarre snacks you have even seen and it becomes well worth a few hours of anyone's time. To keep up to date with the events at the pub and the ever changing beers, Ian updates his website regularly. Just keep checking and see when your favourites are on the bar.


Anonymous said...

ian has a beautiful trappist brew on draught it is sheer nectar but at 7% beware the kick, smooth as a babys bottom

gothic charm said...

The Grove is a fabulous pub a veritable cornucopia of interesting and thirst quenching beers. All credit to Ian. But why oh why does the pub have to attract the all too regular pretentious beer snobs, who come ooh and aah over half a pint, come out with all sorts of gibberish and jargon, then leave as if they own the place. Ive found this practice is on the increase. these people must not have anything better to do. Its no wonder pubs are closing at an alarming rate with these sorts of so called customers. For heavens sake if you are going to patronise a fine establishment like the grove then have a feww drinks and talk sense not garbage. We are in danger of turning beer into poncey wine drinkers.