Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Variety from Fernandes

Many breweries play about with ingredients to make interesting, or in some cases, scary beers. Locals will remember the Kitchen Brewery who brewed with any sort of fruit and veg going. They were the only brewery I know who have made a parsley beer. However, I digress.

Yesterday, on the bar in the Rat & Ratchet, arrived a Fernandes beer called 'Orange and Ginger' weighing in at 4.5%. Being a brave soul, and because it was a tick I thought I ought to try it. It was not quite what I expected. It was lightish coloured and had very subtle flavours, not unpleasant, but not spectacular either. Neither ginger nor orange predominated but one could taste both in the beer. I am not sure whether they actually compliment each other and I was left slightly disappointed in the flavour, which seemed a little too marmalady for my taste (I know - what did I expect from orange & ginger!!).

Maybe I am being overcritical but in recent times we have been treated to the superb Ginger Marble from Manchester, which does not hold back on the flavour one iota. This may have clouded my judgement. I have no objection to brewers experimenting, often with good results but sorry Fernandes this is not one of the better ones.

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