Saturday, March 14, 2009

Get It While You Can

As readers of the blog will probably be aware, I am a fan of light hoppy beer. However, I have found a dark beer to match anything I have tasted before. You will not be surprised to learn it is a Mallinsons, and before you ask I am not on commission to write nice things about them!!!

Black Mamba no.5 is a 4% porter and a totally different beer to anything that Tara and Elaine have brewed before. It is dark, obviously, but has a background hoppiness that takes over in the taste from the initial burst of chocolate. And it is very moreish, as I discovered last night. It shows the skill of the brewster, that she can produce superb light hoppy beers and then turn her hand to something as distinctive as this beer is. It is presently on the bar at the Star at Folly Hall, but if the amount sold last night is anything to go by it will not be there for long, get it while you can.

As an aside, look out for a couple of Mallinsons specials at the Star Festival that starts on Wednesday at 5pm, if their previous offerings are anything to go by they will not be disappointing.


Festa said...

Readers could do worse than a quick trip down to The Vulcan for a pint of Mallinson's Northern Brewster, a quality pint full of flavour!

Anonymous said... make us blush...but glad you enjoyed it. I will be producng a new mild soon to celebrate CAMRA Mild Month in May!


Anonymous said...

"I am not on commission to write nice things about them!!!"
Bet you are!!!

Tandleman said...

I'm a big fan of Mallinsons too.