Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Consuming Black Hole

Burton-on-Trent was synonymous with brewing for generations before Coors and InBev took over the Bass and Marsden plants, so it's good to see a relative newcomer doing well in the old spiritual home of British ale.

The highly regarded Black Hole Brewery has been on the go for a little over two years now, collecting several awards (including a SIBA Silver for it's excellent Red Dwarf) so I was delighted to find that Star Gazer had materialised at the Huntsman this lunchtime. This golden full-bodied 4% bitter provided a strikingly good balance of smooth caramel maltiness before delivering more bite than a pissed-off particle accelerator, thoroughly satisfying three days worth of ale-craving - that's right, no beer since Saturday (my very own black hole experience!).

Unfortunately my hopelessly inadequate note-taking technique means I can't say how much of BHB's range I've connected with to date, but I see from the website that just seven beers are produced regularly so it shouldn't take an inter-galactic quest to track 'em all down. They do seem to have missed a trick here though - I mean surely there's got to be room in the portfolio for that most universally revered of all beers - Romulan Ale! C'mon guys, even Jim Kirk was scared of that stuff!!


Anonymous said...

Except that Romulan Ale looks more like Blue WKD than beer!

Timbo said...

Black Hole Titan was at the Star festival..but sadly not one of their better efforts..They do seem to appear fairly often in the Rat as well