Monday, March 30, 2009

Bizzare Afternoon

There we were, sitting quite contentedly in The Star on a Sunday afternoon, when it happened. Fair enough, we did have a warning, but that never quite explained how weird the experience would be. Lets start at the beginning.

There was a pub crawl, for want of a better expression, that started at the Foresters at Crosland Moor, and would visit 15 pubs before returning there. We had been told that we were 11th on the list (so obviously the visitors may have consumed a bit before they reached us), and that the event was a way of getting funds for the Marten House Children's Hospice At Wetherby. A worthy cause.

What we were not told, was that the crawl consisted of 20 couples, all handcuffed together and in fancy dress! Throughout the afternoon we were visited by blokes in pyjamas, girls dressed as schoolgirls, the Blues Brothers, a Smurf, Mr & Mrs Shreck, a large beer bottle, and various other people in all sorts of weird attire. Most were predictably unfamiliar with real ale (the sales of Carling went through the roof though, as did vodka) but as a treat the group had some strange system of forfeits resulting in the pickled eggs running out!

No doubt, none of the participants will have ever heard of this blog, in fact most seemed never to have been in a real ale pub before, but for the two hours of enjoyment they provided will not be forgotten - I will be having nightmares for years to come!! Just hope that they all made it back and I am glad that I am not enduring their inevitable hangovers this morning. A day to remember - or not in their case!

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