Monday, February 02, 2009

You Must be Joking!!

After all the hoppy beer drinking this week, my thoughts, in a sort of drunken rambling kind of way, turned to food - in particular snack products in pubs.

Locals will no doubt be aware of The Grove's bizarre selection of nibbles, ranging from the almost normal spicy pickled duck eggs, to the down right stomach-churning crickets and larvae, via biltong and many other curious things (check the website if you don't believe me !!).

It seems they may have competition though from Walkers, the crisp makers. Apparently they have had their customers selecting flavours they most want to see in their foil snack sacks. Some are fairly straight forward like Fish & Chips, but others are more unusual - Chilli-Chocolate, Builders Breakfast and Onion Bahji varieties spring to mind. The most bizarre though must be Cajun Squirrel. I've no intention of trying it, but would welcome some tasting notes if someone could oblige. Not even sure if there is such a thing as a Cajun Squirrel, or if so, what it's thoughts would be about becoming a crisp flavour. Oh for the simple joys of a pork pie!!!


Anonymous said...

Cajun squirrel is a great delicacy in certain quarters - think that West Indian restaurant in town does it. As for the crisps, Walkers are employing people to scrape up road-kill, so doubt the hapless critters would be available for an interview!

Anonymous said...

Thought I would have to comment on the Chilli Chocolate! Mmm not so sure about them really a bit of a waste of chocolate in our opinion! Different we admit but don't think they would go well in a sarni. On the other hand the Builders Breakfast are certainly intersting as Will will vouch for! now pop those in a sarni and they would be good! Still to finish trying the others so will let you know Tim.
Sam & Tasting Team @ The Star