Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White Cross Beer Festival

The first local fest of the year at Bradley is always eagerly anticipated, not necessarily for it's beer list but more for the way in which the pub provides a well organised, friendly event that it's locals really appreciate. The quality of the beer at this busy free house is second to none and it's continued presence in the GBG tells you all you need to know about it's dedication to real ale.(map)

The festival kicks off tomorrow and here's the list, with big thanks to David Litten:


Anonymous said...

Will, can you confirm opening times of festival...believe that although pub open all day, festival not going till 6 Thursday and Friday, and of course, the blue and white Brazil play Leeds on Sat at 12 so this may attract more punters.

Will said...

You are correct it's a teatime start Thurs/Fri. Given the location of the Cross I hope the match doesn't attract the wrong sort of punters!!

Leigh said...

I do hope you don't mean bouyant Leeds fans....(just returning the banter!!)