Monday, February 02, 2009

Travellers Inn, Hipperholme

The fifth addition to Ossett Brewery's estate was this fine example of a mid-nineteenth century country inn. The pub was in need of some serious renovation but a comprehensive refit restored this gem to it's former glory in a little under two months.

With flagged floor and rebuilt bar the Travellers today really looks the part. The tasteful decor, including historical prints of the local area and comfortable rustic furnishings, makes it unquestionably one of Calderdale's finest ale houses.

The four distinct drinking areas make your experience as inclusive or as private as the mood takes you, but the quality and choice of beer is always assured. For further details, including opening times, please visit the website or phone manager Tracey Fawcett on 01422 202494. (map)


Leigh said...

lovely pictures as always - but are you always the first people in there? Or do you just tell people to move, cos they are blocking the awesome decor??!?!!?

Will said...

Thanks Leigh. Wouldn't dream of interfering with folks' drinking time! I usually ring the pub and ask if it's ok to pop in about twenty minutes before they open - mostly Sundays - and they're generally very accommodating. It's especially easy if they've actually seen the blog and know I'm not going to drive custom away!

Leigh said...

nice - you know, i've never thought of that!