Monday, February 02, 2009

A Great Week

Last week was an exceptional one for hop lovers in Huddersfield. In every pub one was able to sample a decent range of different beers crafted from a diverse variety of hops - the only problem being that they never stayed long enough to try more than once.

The Kings Head gave us two beers from the Red Lion brewery at Ossett, Chardonayle (5.1%) and Bohemian Rhapsody (4.5%) along with their usual light & hoppy fayre whilst The Cherry Tree provided Elland Enigma (4.4%). The Grove always seems to run out of their paler beers when I visit but Kelham Island Grande Pale (6.6%) was a wonderful example of a strong hoppy pale ale and ran off swiftly, though not as swiftly as the Mallinsons Great Giza (4.3%). Not to be out done, the Rat and Ratchet provided Leeds Pale, Pictish Brewers Gold and the formidable Fernandes Heartbreaker (6.0%).

The best selection seemed to be at The Star. Starting with Windsor Castle, One Stop Hop (3.7%) through Goose Eye McGander (4.2%) and Abbeydale Deception (4.1%) then followed at the weekend by 2 Mallinsons beers, Iains Brew (4.3%) and Golden Tree (3.9%), neither of which lasted a single session! Just hoping this week is as good.

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Anonymous said...

Abbeydale Deception btw...nominated by one discerning drinker as contender for 'Beer o'the Year' at The Star. And a fine choice, too!