Friday, February 13, 2009

That Blue Moon Moment

On one of my trips to the Star in Huddersfield I noticed the pump clip for Pictish Blue Moon sitting tantalisingly behind the bar. As discerning drinkers know, Pictish is an excellent brewery and Brewers Gold is regularly on the bar at the Star, and occasionally at The Rat as well. Their beers are generally superb and mostly well hopped, and brewer Richard Sutton has recently produced a selection of single hopped beers to showcase the attributes of each individual hop variety.

Anyway, back to Blue Moon. It is a 6% offering, described on the Pictish web site as "a strong IPA style, with lingering bitter aftertaste and a massive spicy hop aroma". First brewed in November 2001, it won the Best Premium Bitter award at the Bradford Beer Festival in 2004. Basically, it's just one brilliant beer!

For those not astronomically minded, a blue moon is a 2nd full moon in a single calendar month (this occurs only once every two and a half years or so), and it seems February is one of those months, hence its appearance now after such a long absence. Thank heavens for Google !!!

So there it is....hunt it out, enjoy it and treat it with is not a beer for the faint hearted but is one that cries out for a 2nd pint, and a 3rd and so on .... Just remember the phrase 'Blue Moon Moment' was not coined for any old beer.


daveyravey said...

A message from pedants corner....
I don't think we have two full moons this month, we have just had one and given that a full moon occurs every 29.5 days you could never have a full moon in February.
Sorry, I'll get me goat, er, I mean coat.

Anonymous said...

Dave....take your point, seemed a bit odd to me but there again it is a good enough excuse to brew a superb beer so I am happy enough with it..never saw you as a pedant, or a mathemetician come to think of it !!! Tim

Anonymous said...

It arrived on the bar on Sunday afternoon and those of us lucky enough to be there, (sorry Will !!!) were treated to a superb beer...every bit as good as the expectation..just hope it lasted the night...Tim

Anonymous said...

Just thought you may like to know Marble 1425 has replace the Blue Moon! Oh no that means more broken customers lurking at the bar. Enjoy it's scrummy. Also the new Mallinsons too!