Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fernandes Beat The Crunch

Naming your latest brew after the current financial downturn has it's responsibilities, as Fernandes of Wakefield recently discovered. After all nobody's going to be very impressed if your Recession Ale or Laid Off Bitter isn't marked down just a little to help out the impoverished drinker.
Credit Punch (3.6%) - a beautiful light and fruity beer with masses of taste and bitterness - was distributed throughout the Ossett estate last week, but without the all-important pricing instructions. Apparently the beer should have been sold at £1.90, that's 15p less than the usual cost of a pint at this strength, which is certainly a generous discount and one that few if any would have expected.
Anyhow, by the time the error had been realised many of the pubs had already sold out, but rather than keep schtum, all those unfortunate enough to miss the bargain price were refunded! Now I know I do tend to rattle on about this brewery and it's pubs and it's beer ad nauseam - but doesn't that just warm the cockles?! Nice one Ossett - now let's see a few other breweries doing their bit!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for nicking my next article !!! Can also confirm that Coach House have brewed a Credit Crunch at 3.8 (I think) on the bar at the Star,and Anglo Dutch did The Crunch (3.9%) at the Rat, neither at the credit crunch price of Fernandes though...and to keep the theme going Bottlebrook have brewed Recession..

Will said...

Sorry! Enjoyed a fine pint of CP in Sowerby Bridge last weekend where I learned of the mix up. Let's just see who does the best combination of quality & price. Fernandes standard will take some beating I think!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Star always has Pictish Brewers Gold at £2 a pint...seems like a bargain to me !!