Friday, February 20, 2009

Drink to a Local Success

In June 2008 the first beer from the Mallinsons Brewery in Huddersfield appeared on the bars of local pubs. Called 'At Long Last...' it was the fruition of Tara Mallinson's desire to become a brewster.

Tara was always a beer enthusiast. I remember vividly a beer that she brewed at John Eastwood's brewery in Elland to celebrate her 5000th beer tick. Going under the name of 'TJ5K' it displayed the knowledge and use of hops that would hold in good stead when she started brewing professionally.

She brews in a converted garage in Lindley with her partner Elaine, and having overcome many problems with the premises and the council, she eventually realised her dream. From the small beginnings last June Tara is now producing beer that can be found far and wide. I have seen it on festival lists in Wiltshire, on bars in Birmingham, and she even brews a house special for the New Oxford in Salford, where her other beers can often be found - much to the delight of the Lancastrian locals.

Her range has been quite phenomenal. Most beers can be described as light and hoppy but she is not afraid to try other styles, as 'Mild Thing' (obviously a mild), and 'Hazy Fantayzee' (a wheat beer) will testify to. There are also a number of dry hopped versions of her usual offerings showing a flair for the use of different hop flavours.

It has been overheard that the beers can be rather one dimensional, a comment obviously made with no appreciation of the finer points of brewing and one which can only be described as 'Poppycock' - the name of Mallinsons latest offering incidentally!

This weekend will see a veritable Tarafest in her home town. 'Northern Brewster' will be on the bar at both the Slubbers and Star with the latter also doing 'Ephesus' and 'Derby Double' (dry hopped to celebrate Town's recent double success over Leeds). And if that's not enough you'll find 'Cleos Asp' and 'K2' at The Grove, so why not get out and share in this success story today!

Tara maintains an up to date website, detailing her beers with tasting notes, under the banner of 'drinkmallinsons' should further information be required.


Anonymous said...

Great write up Tim. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tara & of course Elaine (who too is very much involved also, usually in the background but not to be forgotten) for their success and consistency. Rather a scarey move to open a brewery in the current climate but it just goes to show that through determination, willingness to learn, risk taking & above all commitment that it can be done. Hence we have a fabulous brewery on our door step who produces lovely beers all of which are different to suit a range of tastes, with a real mixture of ingredients but most importantly they are consistent. So well done and heres to the future I am sure Mallinsons will be around for a long time to come. So if those of you who have not tried any . . . What are you waiting for!
Sam & all who drink in the Star x

Tandleman said...

Bloody good beers. I've met Tara and Elaine and they are nice guys too.

Olthwaite said...

Here, here Timbo. I think Mallinsons has made a tremendous impact in such a short time. Hopefully she'll be making a few more regular beers in the future.

Anonymous said...

Came across 'Cleos Asp' on the bar in the Kings Head yesterday just to complete the picture.

Also had some Brass Monkey 'Capuchin' in The Grove. At 4.5% and light, this in my humble opinion is the best beer they have brewed. Not easy to find though.