Monday, February 16, 2009

All Kinds of Tastes

Over the weekend the unsuspecting drinkers of Huddersfield were assailed by beers of all sorts of flavours to challenge their taste buds. On Saturday the Star provided 3 of the them, Art Barn 'i beer', Boggart 'Dark Rum Porter' and Coach House 'Pink Grapefruit'.

The Art Barn brewery from Bridport is unusual around these parts and their 4% beer was bursting with vanilla taste, a very unusual beer and not necessarily to everyone's taste. Boggart from Manchester is more common, but the same cannot be said of it's 'Rum Porter'. It was obviously dark, weighing in at 4.6% with loads of rum flavour, but it was hard to tell if it boasted real rum or just essence. Either way, it was generally well received (except by me!!)

Coach House is a well established brewery and often brew fruit flavoured beers. Their 'Blueberry' is excellent but the 'Pink Grapefruit' did not reach those heights, though was light and refreshing - albeit a little sweet - plus the nearer the bottom of the barrel, the sweeter it got.

On the bar in the Rat on Sunday Saltaire managed to get in on the act with their 'Raspberry Blonde'. It did exactly what it said on the pump clip and at 4% delivered a light coloured ale full of raspberry flavours. It too was a little on the sweet side for my liking - maybe the sign of raspberry essence rather than the real thing. Nevertheless 4 beers showing what can be done when the brewers stray from the usual recipe of malt and hops and give the town's drinkers some unusual flavours to savour.

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Anonymous said...

Managed to miss one out...Love Nest from Howard Town was on the bar at The Grove. This tasted like banana, a lot of banana at that !!
If I had thought at the time, I would have had the base for a fairly interesting trifle...Masterchef, eat your hearts out !!! Tim