Friday, March 13, 2009

1st Old Ship Inn Festival...

... is now underway at the award-winning Old Ship Inn at Brighouse. This attractive and popular GBG entry serves Black Sheep and Copper Dragon beers permanently with frequent guests from the likes of Phoenix, Hopback and Red Lion.

Plenty of compliments are being paid about the pub right now so a big turnout is guaranteed - and with festival pricing like this, it's success would seem a foregone conclusion! (map)

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Update: While Will was out in the furthest outposts of the Ossett empire myself and Iain made the short trip to Brighouse to sample the 1st festival at the Old Ship. And we were not disappointed.There were 24 beers available on the bar, all hand pulled and cellar cooled, and all at the amazing price of £2 a pint across the board.

The selection was one to suit every taste, not especially a 'tickerfest' but one that provided good quality beer, many of which would be new to the drinkers of Brighouse. There were a couple of festival specials from Brass Monkey, (brewed by the landlord according to the programme) and Dark Horse but the real winners were the Marble beers, (Ginger and Chocolate) and Thornbridge Jaipur, which according to Iain was on a par with any he had previously tasted.There were many other good beers from around the country. From Cotleigh in the south, to Wolf in the East, and many other breweries in between. The quality was consistently good, the taste occasionally not so. The B & T Fruit Bat was a case in point, with its overpowering flavour of raspberries.

Notwithstanding the minor aberration, the festival was a good example of what can be done in a small pub with the commitment and dedication of the licencee and staff, and on our visit had attracted drinkers from well beyond its Brighouse home. Just looking forward to the next one later in the year. Tim.

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ArcticFox said...

I made it there for their first afternoon - wasn't three bad.... some interesting beers and some bloody awful ones too - I forget the names of the worst ones..... golden copper or something and fruit bat I think - stay clear of them - Golcar mild as always did the best job for such a humble 3.4 percenter holding its own against marble chocolate and the mighty elland 1972 porter