Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time to Remember the Past

As I was researching the previous entry I came across my copy of the 1990 Good Beer Guide. Naturally I started checking things out and was surprised at how much had changed in 19 years - and equally surprised by what hadn't.

Can you name the only 4 independent breweries in West Yorkshire in 1990? Two are still going! (Answers are in the comment box.) Along with them were The Sair at Linthwaite and the Fox & Newt in Leeds both classed as brew pubs. In the Huddersfield section of the pub list were 5 pubs; The College Arms on Queensgate, The Dusty Miller at Longwood, The Slubbers at Hillhouse, and 2 at Lockwood, The Star and The Shoulder of Mutton. Seems that the Town Centre was a beer desert in those days !!!

Naturally, The Sair at Linthwaite and The Nook at Holmfirth feature but so does the Coach & Horses at Honley, along with the Hare & Hounds at Marsden and the Cricketers at Netherthong. Throughout the pubs the beer range is quite varied, although mainly made up from the big breweries portfolio. One could get Wilsons at the College, Pedigree at the Slubbers, and Bass and Stones at the Star. Taylors could be found in 3 of the 5 pubs. The Sair was brewing its own beer.

Flicking through the rest of the guide I was surprised at how many small breweries from 1990 are still brewing now, but equally it was sad to see some favourites that have since gone to the wall. And would you credit it, there was an article from Oz Clarke about being a beer buff. Seems some things never change !!!

Oz Clarke demonstrates the best way to silence James May in a northern brewery.
Pic: Journal Live


Timbo said...

Clarks of Wakefield; Taylors of Keighley and the sadly defunct, Trough of Bradford and Robinwood of Todmorden.

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Weren't Goose Eye brewing in 1990?

The arched Trough Brewery sign is now fixed to the wall of the back room in the Brown Cow, Keighley.