Monday, January 26, 2009

The Three Pigeons, Halifax

I'm currently in the midst of getting around all of Ossett Brewery's houses so that their website and publicity machine have some up-to-date photos to use. Since I've neglected to visit a fair few of them recently (I don't have an unlimited beer budget - contrary to popular belief!) this will be an ideal time to get this blog's pub profile section back on track and even update one or two of the older entries.

The Three Pigeons is without question the most unusual of the twelve pubs (I'm not including the Albert in Keighley, currently leased from Taylors, or the new club venture in Wakefield here), featuring four separate rooms and a central bar. It has been sympathetically restored and includes many art deco features that set it apart from the company's usual makeovers bringing it some coveted awards along the way.

As with all of Ossett's pubs the beers are a mixture from it's three breweries, plus a Fullers - usually London Pride but sometimes ESB, Chiswick or London Porter - in addition to a local guest. Last spring the Pigeons held it's first mini beer festival featuring a dozen or more milds and there are plans to host a similar event again this year, although it's likely to include a few different styles for a wider appeal.

Ossett's longest serving manager Tina Winterbottom retired from the pub a few months ago after firmly establishing it as one of Halifax's top real ale destinations - but her legacy continues. With uncertain times ahead and undoubtedly a very difficult period in store for the pub trade in general, the Three Pigeons is in great shape and couldn't be in better hands with Tina's son Ollie at the helm. For quality ale in a classic setting you'd need to go some way to beat this! (map)


Olthwaite said...

An absolute gem - your photos have done it justice

Timbo said...

It is a must visit pub if only to see the ceiling....shame the rest of the pubs in Halifax don't match up to it, either in terms of appearance or beer quality

Leigh said...

wow - lovely looking place. It goes on the list.