Thursday, December 04, 2008

Well Worth The Trip

I have just received my copy of the Calderdale CAMRA Caldercask newsletter and was very pleased to find 2 of my favourite pubs from over the border receiving the Summer and Autumn Pub of the season awards. Both are easily accessible from Huddersfield by public transport and both well worth a visit.

The Summer award went to The Old Ship in Brighouse, on Bethel St, just further up the road from the Richard Oastler, (a Wetherspoons that is better than most). The Old Ship is an interesting half timbered building and has 3 regular and 3 guest beers on sale. One of the regulars being Copper Dragon Golden Pippin.

The Autumn award was given to the Cock O'the North at Hipperholme, (an easy bus ride from Brighouse). For those not aware, this is the brewery tap for the Halifax Steam Brewery and is one of the few places to get their beers now, Dave doing little in the free trade. On my last visit to the place, which is described as 'a sectional building' (but is none the worse for that), the beer was all on at £2.20 a pint, and covered a range of strengths and styles.
So if you are over that side of the world, call in both, or either. Or make a day of it. You know it makes sense.


Will said...

With The Tipp, the Rooster, the Travellers and Barge as well, you've a few square miles of beer heaven to match even Huddersfield these days!

Leigh said...

you've really piqued my interest in Halifax Steam - Its both a shame and a privilege when you have to go straight to the source to get a beer. It's now on my 2009 hitlist. Thanks guys -

Anonymous said...

You forgot the Drop as well...seems like a minibus trip for a Saturday may be in order !!!