Monday, December 29, 2008

Resolutions and Things

Now all the excitement of Christmas has passed the time has come to sit and look back on the highs and lows of the last 12 months. I was thinking of sharing my ideas of my favourite beers with you, and my favourite pubs for drinking them. But then.....

I was totalling up how many different guest beers that I could find in our local Town Centre pubs on any day of the week, and I was astounded to realise there could be over 30 in the 6 pubs that I generally visit. (in order of walking from the Railway Station - The Kings Head, The Head Of Steam, The Cherry Tree, The Grove, The Rat and The Star). Added to that are all the regular beers the pubs have, and the odd diversion to the Vulcan or the Lord Wilson, no one can complain about lack of choice and variety.

It makes you realise how lucky we are living somewhere like Huddersfield, with new beers appearing daily, and our own local breweries seeming to go from strength to strength.

This year alone has seen the arrival of Mallinsons and Brass Monkey, the return of Summer Wine along with Empire, Golcar, Linfit, and Riverhead making a great local brewing portfolio which surely must be the envy of other towns.

As for the original question - what was my favourite beer of the year ? I have tried to just choose one but there have been far too many to decide. All I can say it has been a great year of beer drinking and if this continues...2009 promises to be another good year too.

So, to nick a quote from an Allgates beer, all that remains is to 'Carry on Drinking'!


Timbo said...

Well, if you really must know.
Pictish Neutron Star at their Winter festival, and Mallinsons Tristam and Isolde, (unfortunately only available at a certain Manchester pub).
I can number the above 2 in my favourite 5 breweries, along with Thornbridge, Goose Eye, and Hornbeam.
The most controversial beer of the year was definitely Castle Rock Sparrowhawk...just ask Will !!!

John said...

30 beers you jammy sod, a year ago I could have given you a run for your money but then Scottish and Newcastle took over my local and I've barely been back.

Stand out beers I've had this year include Hawkshead Lakeland Gold at the brewery tap, Roosters YPA somewhere in York and Guzzler by York Brewery.

Incidentally we had a Sparrowhawk in the garden yesterday so I made a beer named after it. I'm intrigued as to what was so controversial about the Castle Rock beer of the same name.

daveyravey said...

I am looking forward to Castle Rock's "Bearded Tit" next month. I have always struggled to tell a Sparrowhawk from Kestrel but I know what a bearded tit looks like.

Will said...

There was a ginormous one propping up the bar in the Rat t'other night!

daveyravey said...

I can't believe Sam had nothing better to do...........!

sambirkhead said...

My beard maybe ginormous, I am certainly not.

Will said...

Not you....the fat misogynistic oaf that sits at the bar!!

Anonymous said...

Hope he can't read !!!
To put John out of his misery, it was a 6% IPA tha some thought was superb (ie me) and others (ie Will thought was diabolical)...just shows there ino accounting for taste..
Came across a Boggart in the Star last night that seemed to be having the same effect, called White Out.
I went to the Hawkhead brewery tap earlier in the year too, was very impressed, a very good set up. And across the road is another decent real ale pub, but the name eludes me.

daveyravey said...

Which one?

Will said... was a 6% attempt at a cloudy wheat beer that went spectacularly wrong! Plus the pumpclip showed a Gos'.
Tim: Melissa Cole's beer from Thornbridge is on at the Grove today.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where else one might say a "thanks and see you soon" to Tom from the Drop Inn who has left there, as of today, and to the best of my knowledge is taking on the mighty Fernandes!!

I could be wrong - I don't know him, but I do drink there a bit!!

Thanks for some cracking beers Tom and good luck with your new venture!

Timbo said...

And A big thank you from all on the blog too...a great bloke and some excellent beer festivals too...Tom can only go from strength to strength at Fernandes.

daveyravey said...

Unfortunately Castle Rock have pulled their brew "Bearded Tit". This means that I will not be able to sip it whilst sniggering at the one earlier mentioned, who appears to have become a regular feature in the Rat.