Tuesday, December 09, 2008

One Heck of a Great Beer

Although more famous for incompetent Land Rover drivers than beer, the village of Great Heck in East Yorkshire is home to a brewery of increasing distinction. Having managed to sample one or two of their brews at local festivals recently I was aware of their potential, but today's pint of Yorkshire Pale Ale (4.3%) left me in no doubt as to their ability. This beautiful late hopped ale with dry grapefruit bitterness was top drawer and at a less busy time of year I'd have skipped work and settled in for a session.

Those in the Dewsbury area need to know that this delicious little number is currently available at the Huntsman in Chidswell, where the air is clear, the sun is shining and the atmosphere very relaxed indeed. Cheers! (map)


Anonymous said...

Agree with your comments about the beer, just a shame other Great Heck beers don't do it for me. But good to see another Yorkshire brewery flourishing.
Not sure about your impressions of Dewsbury though...!!!! Tim

Anonymous said...

Loved their DAVE (dark and very enjoyable) that was on at the Star Fest. Not tried this one yet.