Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Comes Early for Hop Fans

While Will was salivating over the Hadrian beer in Chidswell I was Xmas shopping in Huddersfield. As most males know, the ideal antidote for this is a few beers afterwards.

I started in the Grove and was most impressed to find that Mallinsons Sugarloaf had made it onto the bar, along with Adnams East Green, their 'carbon neutral' beer. Don't often see Adnams round the place nowadays so was more than happy and both beers in decent nick.

However, after a quick walk to the Star was very impressed to find 2 more Mallinsons beers on the bar. Both Chuffed at 4.3% and Matterhorn at 4.4% were there and supported by Mount Rainier, a 4.2% offering from Pictish. Well worth the trip if you are in the area, but be quick, they won't last for long if previous experience is anything to go by. All 3 were in tip top form and a credit to both Sam and the brewers.

The perfect end to a stressful day !!!

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