Tuesday, December 02, 2008

WRLRR 3rd Annual Charity Beer Festival

The West Riding in Dewsbury will be hosting it's third charity festival from 5th-7th December in aid of cystic fibrosis research.

15+ beers will be available over the weekend together with live music from Kaleidoscope and The Buzz Room and an Irish Folk band on the Sunday afternoon.

These events always seem to run out of beer early due to their remarkable popularity so get there early to support this important charity. Local businesses have sponsored the ale and the bands are playing for free. Raffles and other money raising events will be going on throughout the weekend.

The List:
Anglo Dutch Brewery – Pacific Gem - 3.8% - £2.10 - A full bodied pale ale
Yorkshire Dales Brewery – Ivy Scar – 3.9% - £2.10 - A mahogany dark ale which is mildly hopped.
Leeds Brewery – Leeds Pale - 3.8% - £2.10 - An easy drinking pale ale. Light and hoppy with delicate floral notes and a well balanced finish.
Durham Brewery – Bonny Lass – 3.9% - £2.10 - A ruby coloured, malty and full bodied bitter.
Conway Brewery – Honey Fair – 4.5% - £2.30 - Amber best bitter with hints of a honey sweetness taste with a hoppy bitter finish.
Harviestoun Brewery – Schiehallion – 4.8% - £2.30 - Scottish cask lager, brewed using a lager yeast and hersbrucker hops. Fruit and malty bitter with a floral twist.
Caledonian Brewery – Elf Esteem – 4.0% - £2.10 - A special tawny coloured, easy drinking winter bitter with a trace of orange and molasses giving a rich and smooth texture
Breconshire Brewery – Bah Humbug – 5.0% - £2.50 - Golden Christmas ale brewed with fruit and spices. You might as well be drinking a Christmas pudding!
Brentwood Brewery – Chestnut Stout – 4.0% - £2.20 - An easy drinking but tasty stout brewed with local chestnuts.
Great Orme Brewery – Winter Ale – 4.2% - £2.20 - A biscuit coloured ale with a blackcurrant and cinnamon nose
Skinners Brewery – Christmas Fairy – 3.9% - £2.10 - Ideal Christmas session ale, light and crisp with a superb hoppy finish.
Hook Norton Brewery – Old Hooky – 4.6% - £2.30 - An unusual reddish/brown beer with a strong nutty aroma. Full bodied with a bittersweet aftertaste.
Hidden Brewery – Hidden Pleasure IPA – 4.9% - £2.30 - Revisit the pleasure of the British Empire with this traditional IPA. Deep golden with a strong dry and big aftertaste.
Acorn Brewery – Snowstorm – 4.0% - £2.20 - Pale, straw coloured bitter with a lasting hop aroma.
Phoenix Brewery – Fresh Hope Bitter – 3.8% - £2.10 - A brand new beer so fresh from the brewery we haven't had a chance to taste it yet. It's from Phoenix though, so you know it'll be good!

Update: I visited the festival at noon on Friday when it was still setting up. There were 7 beers on handpull and the others on gravity in the outside bar. Unfortunately the weather had not been kind and many of the beers were too cold and it was not warm enough to enjoy sitting on the decking so one had to spend time in the pub itself.

The beers were as shown above, and the ones I tried all had distinctively different flavours. One even tasted of TCP but I will not name it. Judge for yourself.

All in all a good festival but spoiled by the British weather. However, things may have improved as the day(s) went on and hopefully they will make plenty for their chosen charity, with bands playing free every day and all the beer being sponsored. Timbo

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