Thursday, November 27, 2008


The 7th Star Winter Beer Festival opened its doors last night. The format was the tried and tested system of 46 beers served through handpumps in the marquee (posh word for tent) at the back of the pub,along with a selection on the pumps in the bar. A total of 66 in all on the programme.

Sam, the licencee, attempts to source new breweries and new beers from old favourite breweries and this festival was no exeception. It brought enthusiasts from far and wide and along with the usual suspects from the local area,attracted some from Stoke, Wolverhampton, and Derby to name but a few. Some have even booked holidays to coincide with the event.

The beers on the bar were in excellent form and a credit to Sam and her team. There were some real gems amongst them, the Pictish Neutron Star is unmissable if you like your beers hoppy, and I am informed that the 6.6% Loggers from Wensleydale is a masterpiece in the dark beer style. Add to that, specials from Mallinsons, and Phoenix, Ginger beers from Coach House and Boggart, and a selection of Stouts and Porters from various disparate brewers makes this into a not to be missed experience. The festival runs till Sunday, or until the beer runs out. See you there.

Seems that the Neutron Star was the Star of the show.First beer to run off on Friday evening. However, Goose Eye Puzzled was a more than adequate replacement, double hopped with American Hops according to Dave, the brewer. (as an aside, he was actually working behind the pumps for a bit on Friday, and I even managed to get a half served by the brewer himself).

Have also seen that the Grove is holding a St Andrews Day festival over the weekend, so should there not be enough at the Star to hold your interest, maybe a trip up the road for the Scottish beers on the bar there may just top you up.

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Will said...

Just go easy on that Phoenix - some of us can't get there 'til Friday!!