Saturday, November 29, 2008

Local Beers in Unlocal Places

Heard a couple of interesting snippets whilst sampling the wares at the Star festival.

Mallinsons from Lindley are branching out and are supplying a house beer for the New Oxford in Salford and the pub is also taking lots of their beers as dry hopped specials. Well worth a visit, if you are in the area. Tara has also been delivering to the Harlequin in Sheffield so watch out for her beers in that part of the world too.

Goose Eye are apparently proactively trying to source their beers into pubs and rumour has it that they are now regulars in many Halifax area pubs, particularly round Ripponden so, again, well worth a visit for one of the better breweries in Yorkshire, if you happen to be in that part of the world.


Leigh said...

good news -Goose Eye make some fantastic beers - the Bronte Bitter and Chinook are my faves - but they only seem to pop up occasionally outside the Keighley area...I'll keep an eye out!

Tandleman said...

I liked Mallinson's beers on my recent trip to Huddersfiled and must be overdue a trip to the New Oxford by now. Maybe this week?