Monday, November 03, 2008

Brass Monkey Brewery

From now on it's not just the weather around here that can be described as brass monkeys! Two guys from Armitage Bridge who help run the Monkey Club have set up a brewery in Sowerby Bridge and their first brew, Howling Monkey, has already been distributed.

Barrels have been delivered to The Star, The Monkey Club, Lockwood and Salford Con Club, The White Hart at New Mill and the Green Cross in Moldgreen, amongst others and I shall endeavour to get my paws on some this week. More beers are soon to follow and the brewers have set up their own website though currently there is nothing on it except contact details.


Anonymous said...

Came across the Best Bitter (3.8%) at the Wakefield Beer Festival..was a good hoppy brew and was going down very well with the assembled punters...according to the guy who served me, it would be among the first beers to run off...which is not bad for a new brewery...still need to find the Howler Monkey though....Tim

Anonymous said...

This brewery have now developed a full range of beers. If you haven't tried Silverback and Golden Monkey yet, you're missing a treat...excellent.