Monday, October 27, 2008

Hallowe'en at the Cellar Bar

The Cellar Bar holds it's 2nd Annual Hallowe'en Beer Festival this week (Thursday 30 October - Saturday 1 November) and here's the line up:

Blonde Category
Bob's Brewing Co. - Autumn Equinox 4.5% This pale ale is brewed using a blend of American hops. It has a strong citrus presence with a dry and fruity finish.
Eastwood - Hellraiser 4.0% Creamy, yellow, hoppy bitter with hints of citrus fruits. Pleasantly strong bitter after taste.
Hyde's - Jekyll's Gold 4.3% Pale gold in colour with a fruity nose. A well balanced beer with hop, fruit and malt in the taste and a bitter finish.
Harviestoun - Number of the Beast 3.6% A tasty light ale that has a fruity nose with notes of lemon and grapefruit. Soft bodied with a lingering bitter finish.
Old Mill - Halloween Suprise 3.9% A mellow malty flavour with a distinctive hop character with hints of chocolate.
Moorhouse - Pendle Witch (bottles) 5.1% Well balanced, full bodied, malty beer with a long complex finish.

Brown Category
Wychwood - Hobgoblin 4.5% Ruby red in colour, Hobgoblin is full bodied and has a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour
Herritage - Scarecrow 4.5% Hazy wheat beer flavoured with lemon and corriander
Robinsons - Spellbound 4.1% This dry hoppy ale is light oak in colour with notes of citrus, liquorice and toffee with a bitter finish.

Black Category
Elland - Diablo 5.6% This smooth porter is made using 7 different malts and single English hop variety to give a rich, dark, devil of a brew.
Old Bear - Witch's Brew 5.0% Dark ruby red ale with a malt and liquorice aroma.
Moorhouse - Black Cat (bottles) 3.4% A dark mild style beer with delicate chocolate and coffee roast flavours.

A rather tasty looking selection then to sample in the bowels of Batley. Be there and be scared!


Tandleman said...

Being scared in Batley?Is there any other way?

a swift one... said...

You know it then!

Tandleman said...

went for a pint in Batley Labour Club once - well I think it was the Labour Club. A big place bang in the centre. Or was it Bingley? Scary either way.

daveyravey said...

I ran a pub there for 3 years, could be very scary indeed!!!

Tyson said...

I'lll be there on Sat so if I get out alive I shall report back.