Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oktoberfest 2008

We're approaching the season when beer festivals come so thick and fast that heartbreaking decisions have to be made about which to attend and which to miss. It can often involve some tough choices, especially so now with many having to cut their beer budget back significantly - but one swilling extravaganza that just can't be ignored here in Huddersfield is the annual Oktoberfest.

The town's premier beer festival gets under way this evening to be quickly followed by an onslaught of pub and club events through the autumn. A hectic couple of months will see beer bashes in Batley and Brighouse, emasculating inebriety in Elland and 'Ebden Bridge, some falling down in Folly Hall and I'll doubtless be going crackers in Crimble!

Keep up to date with all these festivals using the calendar in the sidebar and make the most of the best beer season of the year!


Paul Garrard said...

Autumn certainly does seem to be peak time for beer festivals. I should be able to get to the CAMRA ones I want to get to but with pubs running them as well it will be tough trying to fit them all in.

Anonymous said...

Went to the festival last night...quite busy,seemed to be a lot of students there, which cannot be bad for the future of real ale..plenty of good beers and all the ones I tried were in good condition, which is not always the case at CAMRA festivals..presume the cask cooling system works as it should..My only concern is the venue which is cramped and not very inviting, most of the time you have to stand and get jostled by people trying to get to the bar..I know there is a problem gettting the right place at the right price but feel that this is not the ideal place for a flagship festival..however, Charlie and the team deserve our thanks for putting a decent selection of beers and ciders together...Tim