Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Building Up Another Head Of Steam

More good news in the latest bulletin from the Head of Steam this week:

As we have circulated before, THE HEAD OF STEAM LTD pubs in Newcastle upon Tyne and Huddersfield are having beer festivals from 22nd September to about 6th October (or until the beers run out) aimed at "educating" new university students about the delights of the real ales in the area they have come to live in.

The Head Of Steam, Huddersfield, will be featuring ales from West Yorkshire, while the 3 pubs in Newcastle will be featuring beer from Northumberland, Co. Durham and Tyneside. In addition, the Cluny and The Head Of Steam in Newcastle are putting on festivals of ciders and perries, the like of which has probably never been seen in Newcastle before! I bet you never knew there were so many Welsh cider and perry makers!

During October and November, we plan to be featuring in all our pubs - Liverpool included - another element in the 3rd phase of our successful STUFF THE SUPERMARKETS campaign, this time in association with BLACK SHEEP BREWERY of Masham, N. Yorkshire. For every 8 pints of any Black Sheep beer bought, 2 bottles of their magnificent HOLY GRAIL will be given (for taking out). This is a fantastic beer, mainly brewed for export, but made available to our company by special arrangement. It's not available in supermarkets, so if our customers like it, they can get it from our pubs!

We will shortly be launching another attack on the supermarkets to steal their Christmas take home trade (I bet they'll be quaking in their commercial boots!!!) - and when we do announce our plans, it will be big news - so WATCH THIS SPACE!!

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Tony Brookes, The Head Of Steam Ltd - office 01434 607393 mobile- 07803 124508 http://www.theheadofsteam.co.uk/

22 September – 6 October

Anglo Dutch Kletswater 4.0
Bridestone Bridesmaid 4.0
H.B. Clark Classic Blonde 3.9
Elland Beyond the Pale 4.2
Fernandes Triple O 3.9
Empire Golden Warrior 3.8
Halifax Steam Uncle John 4.3
Old Bear Goldilocks 4.5
Little Valley Withens IPA 3.9
Taylors Ram Tam 4.3
Tigertops Dark Mild Wheat 3.6
Leeds Leeds Pale 3.8
Ossett Silver King 4.3
Riverhead Wessenden Wheat 4.0
Atlas Mill Hercules 4.5
Ryburn Luddite 5.0
Salamander Stout 4.5
Saltaire Fuggles Bitter 3.8

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