Monday, August 11, 2008

Fruit & Cider Fest at The Head of Steam

THE HEAD OF STEAM at St Georges Square, Huddersfield, began a FESTIVAL OF YORKSHIRE ALES on Yorkshire Day, August 1st, intending the ales to stretch over 2 weeks. But... "I hope we don't upset anyone but we are about to run
out of the beers, after just over a week" said Ian Kilpatrick, Manager of THE HEAD OF STEAM; " We know a Yorkshire ales festival is always successful, but we are surprised with the brilliant customer response this time, given the state of St Georges Square and the start of Huddersfield's traditional holiday period" he said.

However, fans of the unusual do not have to fear!! A Festival of FRUIT BEERS
AND TRADITIONAL CIDERS AND PERRIES is due to start 22nd August and last till

The line up of ALES (to be served through the handpumps) is expected to be -

Old Bear Brewery (Keighley) -
Currant & Raisin Ale (ABV 4.6%)

Coach House Brewery (Warrington) - all ABV 5.0% -
Passion Fruit
Pink Grapefruit

"We tried to get Grapefruit beer from St Peters brewery in Suffolk, but they
had none available - shame; we may get some later" said Ian Kilpatrick.

Blueberry is a regular beer at the company's pub THE HEAD OF STEAM at Lime
Street, Liverpool.

The line up of traditional CIDERS - alongside Westons 'Old Rosie' (ABV 7.3%)
which is regularly available on handpump - is expected to be -

From Wales -
Springfield med-dry cider (7.2%)
O Sir med-dry cider (6.3%)
Gwyntyddraig med cider (6.5%)

From England -
Broadoak - Moonshine (8.4%) Biddenden med-dry (8.0%)
Cornish Orchard (7.6%)
Westons - Organic Vintage (7.3%) - Traditional scrumpy (6.0%)
- 1st Quality draught (5.0%)
- Bounds Brand scrumpy (4.8%)


From Wales -
Troggi (6.1%)
WM Watkins (6.3%)

From England -
Uren (7.0%)
Broadoak (7.5%)
Westons Country Perry (4.5%)

"We thought the idea of featuring Welsh ciders and perries was a nice little
extra attraction, as these are extremely rare and therefore hard to get hold of" said

The ciders and perries will largely be dispensed from barrels behind the
bars - no more than 40 pints of each available, so get in quick!

More information from:

Tony Brookes
The Head Of Steam Ltd

office - 01434 607393
mobile - 07803 124508

Note: I have prepared a pub profile on The Head of Steam that will appear here on my return from holiday.

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Leigh said...

Shame about the St Peters - i'm yet to come across a lss than excellent beer of thiers. If its a big fruit hit you're after - Rooster's Yankee will hit the spot. Pure Grapefruit aroma. Lovely.