Friday, August 01, 2008

Yorkshire Day Beer Fest

The Green Cross in Huddersfield is marking Yorkshire Day with a mini beer-fest this weekend. A mouthwatering assembly of some of the county's finest ale will be available by rotation (six at a time) over the five day event. All the fun started at 12 o’clock today with landlord Andy (below right) reading the oath of Yorkshire at the front door of the pub. Full details can be found here.

Update: A couple of visits over the weekend allowed me to sample eleven of the Yorkshire selection at this popular and friendly fest. As I expected it was the York Ay-Up! (aka Nelson Sauvin) that stood out for me - a blockbusting hop-shock of an ale with it's aroma of cat-pee on privet and the astringency of a West Coast IPA - all at a remarkably manageable 4%abv. This was the first to run off, so it's not just me that finds this in your face style of beer appealing. Following closely behind was the excellent Yorkshire Rose, one of two brews from the Yorkshire Dales brewery to feature. Another very good effort from Mallinsons with their Headingley Long Hop completes my top three so far, 'cos with a couple of days and a handful of beers still to go it's not over yet!

If you did make it to the Green Cross this weekend don't forget to vote for your favourite beer on-line here.

The Green Cross will showcase up to fifteen beers from the Acorn Brewery of Barnsley for as long as they last, commencing Friday 12th September.


Leigh said...

Rooster's YPA - possibly one of my all-time desert island beers. Good show!

a swift one... said...

It's good stuff but I hear the new York brew has Nelson Sauvin hops, recently encountered in Roosters awesome Boneshaker IPA, so I think my desert island list is going to get a shake up!

Anonymous said...

Another nice festival...and well patronised from what I have heard from Andy...good to know where there is an outlet for Yorkshire beers apart from the all conquering Ossett brewery..the York was a classic but again the Mallinsons beer,this time Headingley Long Hop, was on top form and the Abbey Bells Smoking Chimney was certainly unforgettable...hope the pub goes from strength to strength..if not,it won't be for the want of trying by Andy....Tim