Friday, July 11, 2008

Terrier's Tipple

In this, Huddersfield Town F C's centenary year, Riverhead Brewery of Marsden has come up with two special beers to mark the occasion. In creating the 3.9% Centenary Ale, brewer Paul Spencer has used more hops, Santiam apparently, then in any previous Riverhead brew. A second 4.6% lager style ale called Town Terrier will also be released and will hopefully entice younger fans away from their Carling for a short while.
The results will be available for beer connoisseurs and Town fans to sample (award yourself extra credits if you're both!) at the brewery's three Huddersfield based pubs starting this very evening at the all new White Horse in Emley. This latest addition to the Ossett stable opens it's doors at 5pm today when Centenary Ale will make it's debut. A limited amount will be guesting at the usual Riverhead/Ossett outlets in the area and also at the Shepherds Boy War of the Roses beer festival in Dewsbury from 17th-20th July.

Update: My first sample was rather disappointing as the beer hadn't quite dropped bright and seemed lacking the real bite I was hoping for, but on returning to it later in the evening, after a couple of gallons had gone, it was a different story. The ludicrously excessive use of Santiam hops means this is not a drink for the 'malties' and quite honestly even some bitter bitter fans were performing facial contortions. But like many beers of this style once you're through the pain barrier it's addiction time and it was no surprise to see it run off first. So no pretensions here, no bullshit hints of wild pansies and definitely no prisoners, and at a quaffable 3.9% what more can a hop addict ask? Balance-wise, well there wasn't much, just a hint of fruit then full on bitterness from start to finish ... and what a finish - in fact it was still trying to finish the morning after! The down side is that this ale is in very short supply although it is currently tapped and raring to go at the Shepherds Boy beer fest in Dewsbury starting Thursday - no arm twisting required for that event then!

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