Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Beer Fests

Another hectic week of beer festivals beckons with the Star Inn's summer event kicking off tomorrow. Widely acknowledged as the biggest and best pub festival in the country, with over 70 beers on handpull, I've all but run out of superlatives to describe these awesome assemblies of astounding ales (nowt wrong with my alliteration though!). Crowds of tickers will no doubt be gathering to significantly advance their lists and the promise of a dose of good weather should further swell the numbers. (Website)

Hopefully many of those making the second-leg of their tri-annual pilgrimage to the Star will find time to visit Hall Bower during Saturday and Sunday to sample what's on at the very first Athletic & Working Men's Club beer festival. Only a short hike up toward Castle Hill from the Star (if you're reasonably fit!), Hall Bower WMC is hoping to emulate the Monkey Club's successful events, and a couple of specially commissioned ales should prove irresistible to many. (Website)

The Navigation Tavern by the railway station at Mirfield is also holding a festival this coming weekend with approximately 20 beers and a coopering demonstration. Hopefully some more details will appear here before it begins.

See the Local Real Ale Map in the sidebar for details of where to find all of these venues along with their full postal addresses, phone numbers, email contacts and websites if applicable.

Navigation Tavern pic courtesy of http://www.pubsquiz.co.uk/


Anonymous said...

Did the Star last night...very well attended for the first night and the beer range is just getting better..all the usual suspects, both breweries and tickers, but several new or rare breweries...for anyone with an interest in beer its a festival not to be missed...must be good if Denis needs 55 of the 70 beers !!!! Tim

a swift one... said...

Thanks Tim. Denis will need a good strategy to cope with that amount of ale! Will be spreading myself rather thinly this weekend but will be there at some stage.

Starinn said...

Thank you Tim for your lovely commets. We are glad you enjoyed yourself. I would also like to thank everyone for the telephone calls & comments we have received so far of congratulations. It means alot that people take the time out to do this as putting an event on like this takes a great deal of time, frustration & determination but to hear that people appreciate it & enjoy it certainly makes it worthwhile. So hope to see many more of you during the festival, I have done my best with ordering the weather too! Thanks again Sam x

Lee said...

Went to the Star on Wednesday evening - loads of really interesting beers on. Hoping to get there again tonight - I'm desperate to try Sam's special chili & choc beer - combines three of my favourite things!!
Lee @ Hall Bower

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lee it is not quite on yet. Would just like to say Good Luck with your festival I hope everything goes well as I am sure it will. I know there are a fair few from here calling in on you, sadly I won't be able to but will certainly pass the word round.


Olthwaite said...

Usual high standard - quantity and quality of beers puts some town beer festivals to shame. Tizzi's Tiddlers was like drinking Quality St penny toffee!

Anonymous said...

Managed to get to every day so far at the Star fest....each festival gets better and gets more people from far and wide..speaking to guys from Stoke and Leicester yesterday..and the beer was up to its usual quality..even the one i bounced on the floor,shows the quality of the glasses..it didn't break !!! Did the Hall Bower fest as well and Lee and the team deserve much credit for that, another great little festival, run on the same lines as the Monkey Fest and with some really good beer..cannot wait for the next one

Lee said...

Thanks for your comments Sam - it was certainly a hectic one yesterday - hope we have more of the same today - good luck with the rest of your festival too!

Lee @ Hall Bower said...

Thanks for your comments Tim, we had a really great weekend with visitors from Hull, York, Otley, Sheffield and all over the Huddersfield area. We pretty much sold out of the original beer list and had to put barrels on that weren't on the original list. We had so much help from club members, friend, familiy and our sponsors and of course the weather all combined to make a really good event. It will definitely be happening again next year - thank you to everyone who helped or came along to give us a try - it is very much appreciated!
(Shame I missed the Chilli Choc at the star though!)