Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Green Cross, Huddersfield

With so many pubs closing around town at the moment it's good to be able to report on one that's been given a new lease of life. Admittedly I haven't lost any sleep over the closures in my immediate neighbourhood as they were all crap pubs serving crap lager to crap people, but even so it's a trend that needs reversing once the rubbish has been weeded out.

Redressing the balance in the Moldgreen district of Huddersfield this month is The Green Cross, which is now open for business and putting real ale back on the map in this largely caskless end of town. The striking exterior fronts a very tastefully refurbished pub with a balanced blend of new and traditional features providing a comfortable and relaxed environment. Two distinct drinking areas make up the front bar area with a back room for functions including live music. There is also a small beer garden to the side of the pub available to smokers and the rest of us if the sun ever shines!

A reciprocal agreement with Thwaites ensures their Best Bitter is always available alongside five guest ales, usually from Yorkshire micros. Gracing the bar during our lunchtime visit were beers from Abbeydale, Roosters, Kelham Island, Elland and Salamander, with enough styles to suit all tastes. A glance at the retired pump-clips revealed that the ubiquitous Leeds, popular Acorn, local Mallinsons and even a rarely encountered Abbey Bells of Selby had all done turns recently.

The addition of another quality boozer is really good news and ensures Huddersfield stays very firmly amongst the top real ale towns in the country, a fact that even the much maligned Cask Marque conceded earlier this year - perhaps they're not so out of touch after all! A little extra effort might be needed getting to The Green Cross, especially for those more familiar with the town centre to Folly Hall trail, but this place is certainly worthy of a detour, and one that won't disappoint.

The pub will hold a mini-fest to celebrate Yorkshire Day from 1st-5th August and will feature beers brewed especially for the occasion, including one or two surprises. Full details are on their website along with live band info and everything else you could possibly want to know - so if you've yet to put in an appearance, then here's the excuse you've been waiting for! (map)


Anonymous said...

Another pub worthy of a visit,and the beer on my visits has been kept in good nick..did you notice that the lagers are not the usual fare Carling fizz for a change...trouble is its just off the usual circuit and means a bus trip out...a couple of words of warning, check the opening hours..think its 4 pm during the week...and don't cofuse it with the Ivy Green up the road .that just has Joh n Smiths !!! Tim

Anonymous said...

What's happened to the Green Cross?Andy the landlord left now not all the beers are on there's no quiz night no football on no atmosphere and now of course no customers. I don't know what The Little Tap folk were thinking but they got it wrong, we thought we'd found our new local but I'm afraid it's back to a bottle of wine in front of the fire if we fancy a midweek drink.

Anonymous said...

just been in the green cross for only my second time since it re- open'd last year. there are new people in now a nice freindly couple sharon and alan. better than the last guy who had a bit of an attitude.. the cask is great just a shame there were only 4 on but still a good choice for january im told all 6 will be on very soon.. it's not open till 4pm in the week.. Im told that live football will be back very soon. just seen the posters for whats on. live bands every friday night,a quiz and free supper wed nights think i'll give that a miss or wont get up for work ha. and 6 nations rugby this week end so thats me sort'd good cask and rugby. save me going shopping with our lass..

Anonymous said...

Not sure what's going on at this pub right now. It is currently closed, the windows have been blacked out and a new high fence has been built around the beer garden. It has also applied for a 3am license. I really have no idea what they're planning!

When Andy was around, this pub was one not to be missed and definitely heading in the right direction. Such a missed opportunity.

Anonymous said...

i can tell you exactly what is going on with the green cross pub!!! It is now a SWINGERS club for private members only. I know this cos my partner walked into it last night by mistake thinking it was still a pub and he wanted a pint before he bus was due! He had to press a buzzer to gain access to the club.

Will said...

They'd been running it down for a while with this in mind then trotting out the usual crap about there being no future in pubs.