Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer Porter

It was the carved pumpclips that first got my attention some six or seven years ago. Ever since then I've been a big fan of Boggart Hole Clough Brewery in north Manchester and always look out for their ales guesting locally or gracing festivals. So my Sunday lunchtime stroll up to The Grove in Huddersfield was all the more enjoyable this week a/ for not having looked at the pub's website beforehand - something I must avoid more often since I like a surprise, and b/ 'cos some Boggart was on. Now ordinarily when the temperature gets up in the 70s and the sweat's pouring down my pants, the last thing on my mind is a 5% porter, but hang me if Waterloo Sunset wasn't just the best thing going (the legendary and now Grove-permanent Jaipur not withstanding of course!)

This rich, smokey, coffee & chocolate tainted beauty was neither cloying nor too heavy to be enjoyed on a warm summer's day and was served a touch cooler for, dare I say it, an almost refreshing experience! With a satisfying dry bitterness to round off, this very accomplished beer gets a rather unexpected thumbs up from someone not noted for his love of roasted ale - but then it is Boggart we're on about. On the down side the carved clips seem to have vanished and been replaced by those all too common laminated bits of card - which is a shame, but in my case at least, they certainly did their job!

10th June Update: My regular Tuesday lunch venue The Huntsman at Chidswell has Boggart's Bog-eyed (4%) on today and it's in lovely condition. This light and fruity summer quencher only serves to underline what a splendid brewery this is.


Tyson said...

Congratulations-you are the very first Boggart Hole fan I've ever come across. I presume you don't know their reputation as one of, if not the worst, brewer in Britain? They're quite local to me and none of our freehouses will touch their stuff.

I will have to link to this, otherwise no one will believe it!

a swift one... said...

Seriously?! There's a fair few of us here that love it. Perhaps you're a little too local Tyson!

fester the monkey said...

Well ther a funny sort "that lot from over there!"

Anonymous said...

Now I am able to work it again..I feel that Tyson is a bit too critical of Boggart beer in general..I agree that when they started they were not the best brewery about but recently they seem to have got their act together and brew some decent beers..not all, I hasten to add, but certainly some of their later additions have been well worth drinking.. Ray of Sunshine which has been about recently was good and their Standard Pioneer, which seems to be a regular on t'other side of the Pennines is an excellent brew..just a shame about the pump clips !!! Tim