Monday, June 16, 2008

More Mallinsons

Described as "amber coloured, malty and well balanced with a bitter taste and finish" by new Huddersfield brewers Mallinsons, this 4.4% beer has been delivered to the usual outlets (I assume since The Star has some) and will be available this week.
If you should happen upon Wild Card then please share your thoughts.

The brewery plans to produce four regular beers named after local landmarks - see their website for further details.
A Mallinsons beer will also feature at next month's Monkeyfest.

Update: I have to admit to not enjoying this half as much as their debut 'At Long Last' but then it is an entirely different animal. A good buscuity malt in the mouth but falling disappointingly short of a nice balanced finish with hardly any bitterness. From the little I've heard about the brewer I think we can expect the majority of beers to be well hopped and bitter, so I won't lose sleep over this.


Anonymous said...

Just to update you ..... it is on the bar today so come and have a tipple or two before it runs off as I am sure it won't last very long.

daveyravey said...

I can't help but think that this clamour to get these beers on first can not do a lot for it's quality

Sam @ The Star Inn said...

Sorry Davey Ravey but I have to disagree and inform you that I take advice from the Brewer (Brewster) as to when best to put the beer on, I do not need to race to get beers on my bar as the quality and consistency of quality speaks for itself!

daveyravey said...

Sorry Sam, no personal criticism was intended. I don't think I will get to try Wild Card and it sounds like just my kind of brew! Keep up the good work.

Festa the Monkey said...

Well I thought the Wild card was good. What a call a proper beer with lots of taste. Superior in my view to a lot of the light coloured beers that seem popular these days. But each to their own, which is why the good pubs serve a range of different styles of beer to suit all tastes

Anonymous said...

i am happy with the is a different animal to the first brew but has a pleasant flavour and I got a nice aftertaste from it..maybe there is the biscuity taste from the malt but as I was told,it tastes like beer used to taste..and none the worse for that...Tim

Lee said...

We have just placed an order for a barrel of 'Wild Card' for Hall Bower Athletic WMC so it should be available there shortly. Will add another comment when I know it is definitely available!

a swift one... said...

It's proving to be popular stuff by all accounts and just like their first brew I'm keen to give it another go, though that's easier said than done.
If you do get some at the club Lee please let me know. PS Like the revamped website & thanks for the link and comments - it's much appreciated!

Lee said...

Just a quick note to let you know that Hall Bower Club has Wild Card on now and I managed to have a sample of it last night when I returned from the Monkey Fest.. Monkey Fest was fab and I also managed to get some Lindley Loc-Ale which was very nice too... Fabulous time had at the monkey fest, just hope ours does half as well!