Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Leggers Inn, Dewsbury

This pub needs little introduction to the real ale drinkers of Kirklees. The Leggers Inn at the canal basin in Dewsbury has been the town’s not-so-well kept secret for over a decade now - and to my eternal shame I’ve not been putting nearly enough time in at this legendary first floor stable conversion, despite working locally and despite the pub’s continued reputation for great choice and quality. The recent enhancement of the extensive outdoor drinking area was the final piece in the jigsaw, ensuring that Leggers is now not only a beer drinker's paradise but also the most attractive place in town to enjoy seriously good ale outdoors as well as in.

So in keeping with the avowed intention of this blog, here is the pub in glorious canovision for those of you who are either unfamiliar with it, or like me, have inexcusably lapsed of late and need a little coaxing back through it’s welcoming doors! (map)

Leggers File

John Smithson on 01924-502846
Savile Town Wharf
Mill St East
West Yorkshire
WF12 9BD

Real Ales:
Six including permanent Everards Tiger and a Roosters (usually Yankee)
Regular guests from Leeds, Abbeydale, Cottage, Exmoor & Acorn - to name a few!
Westons Old Rosie, Stowford Press
Stella Artois, Carling

Other Beers on Draught:
Erdinger, Guinness, Boddingtons


YCC - Dubbel said...

Wow, what a fantastic looking pub! Being a southerner it makes me weep with despair at the lack of such places in these parts. :(

One thing I've noticed is the metallic handpumps that would seem to be more prolific in the north (also seen in your recent article on the Midnight Bell in Leeds and on your title banner). I can only recall spotting them in the odd McLloyds No.1 bar in and around London. Are they that common where you are?

a swift one... said...

I'm trying to think of another pub I go in that has them now you mention it - and I can't! Leggers replaced it's more traditional handpumps quite recently, whilst they obviously suit the Midnight Bell's modern look very well. Shall be keeping an eye out for them now though!

Paul Garrard said...

It looks a fantastic pub!

Metallic hand pumps. I'm aware they exist but have never really noticed how widespread they are. I might start looking out for them.

I'm no expert on the Erdinger range but is it really a lager, or their wheat beer?

a swift one... said...

It's their cloudy wheat beer, a bit like Hoegaarden so shouldn't really be listed as a lager you're right.

Anonymous said...

Paul, Reagarding Erdinger, they also do a great low alcohol bottled beer that tastes just like the real thing. Well worth a try if you find it...Tim