Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hall Bower Beer Festival

July's beer diary is certainly filling up fast. Another local WMC has just announced it's first festival, and after the Monkey Club's knockout debut last summer, who would dare miss this one! It's not a place I know but then I wasn't very familiar with Armitage Bridge this time last year either - so take a little break from the Star (yes it's the same weekend!!) and find room for a few more beers, including some specially commissioned ones, up at Hall Bower Club. It might just be the start of something wonderful!

All the details, including how to get there, are on the flier. Please click it for the good of your eyesight! (map) (website)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Hall Bower Fest. The new website looks great! Elaine

Lee said...

Thanks Elaine - tell as many people as you can about the Bower Beer Fest - it should be a good one...! Looking forward to sampling some more mallinsons soon.