Monday, June 23, 2008

Morrissey's Ale at Drop Fest

Following on from it's successful winter warmer festival last Christmas, the Drop Inn at Elland will host it's first summer event this weekend. The big news is that the pub has managed an exceptional coup in being the first to get actor turned brewer Neil Morrissey's beer Blonde (3.8%) as a guest. Apparently Morrissey has been using the facilities at Cropton Brewery in the North Riding to brew for his new pub Ye Olde Punchbowl at Marton-cum-Grafton - the only hostelry until now to serve the beer. Whether or not the man himself will drop in (sorry!) to autograph your glass remains to be seen, but hopefully his beer will prove to be a big enough attraction in itself.

As well as a further twenty or so real ales, a selection of ciders will also be available - a very popular addition at many small festivals nowadays and rightly so. A barbecue on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons plus live music from local band IE completes the picture, though a bit of weather wouldn't go amiss!

Click here to find the Drop and here to read a little more about it.

Update: A very busy and highly enjoyable festival saw the two Saltaire Brewery ales, Sundowner & Olympia, stealing the show. Morrissey-Fox's Blonde was excellent and proved very popular, barely making it into the Saturday afternoon session. Being reminiscent of early Roosters with lots of aromatic hop and good bitterness, the future of this high profile brewery looks very promising indeed. The Phoenix was exceptional too and with delicious newbies from Mallinsons of Huddersfield and Fernandes of Wakefield, punters were really spoilt for choice.

Landlord Tom Evans, partner Katie Sylvester & Bob the Builder take time out to pose for the camera at the busy Drop Inn festival.

Marsh Liberal Club Beer Festival
Another fest that almost slipped through the net! Marsh Liberal Club in Huddersfield, a regular entry in CAMRA's Good Beer Guide, celebrates it's 125th birthday with a mini beer festival this weekend. The list is as follows:

Pot Belly Beijing Black 4.4%
Oakham JHB 3.8%
Nobby's LL Welland Goo 4.7%
Newby Wyke Kingston Topaz 4.2%
Great Oakley Wagtail 3.9%
Frog Island Shoemaker 4.2%
Brown Cow Captain Oates Mild 4.5%
Brewsters Daffy's Elixer 4.2%

Further details can be found on the club's website.


Anonymous said...

Don't see why they have to charge and entry fee of £2.00. That's nearly a pint. we might as well stop at the Star

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i posted that in the wrong section, should have been the Monkey fest one. Hey hoe back to the bar

Festa said...

The £2.00 entry fee contributes towards the cost of putting on the event, the costs of the glasses etc. and paying for the bands that are performing. It also helps to keep the price of the beer relatively low at £2.20 a pint regardless of ABV. I hope you will venture the 1 & 1/2 miles down the road from the Star.

a swift one... said...

Think this is a wind-up Festa - probably Tim or Sam making mischief!

Anonymous said...

The Star charges for their festival! I wouldn't charge if I organised a beer festival in a public house!!!

a swift one... said...

The Star's festivals are rather exceptional though and considering the organisation, the number of beers and the tent etc. it's difficult to begrudge paying a small admission surely.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon. Both Sam and I will prefer not to be anon but are due to circumstances beyond our control. We both support local festivals and, from my point of view, paying a small entrance fee is an irrelevance when the great rane of beers at both the Star and The Monkey Club are taken into account. I have nothing to do with either festival, apart from sampling the wares on the bars, but feel the organisers of both deserve much credit for what they do...Ps I may be anon but everyone knows who I am......TIM

Paul Garrard said...

Neil Morrisey's beer was on the list at the Cambridge BF back in May. I didn't see it there but assumed that it had sold out.

a swift one... said...

I believe it's featured at a few large festivals but have been informed this is the first time at another pub - it's a subtle difference I know but it is a slow news day!

Leigh said...

now then - I actually tried one of morrissey's beers at the Leyburn Festival of Food & Drink in May - all it had on the cask was 'Morrisey & Fox Bitter' - it was an ok pint, but clearly early days. Still, he certainly is generating enough interest, might even make a few more people appreciate beer! Let me know how the blonde tastes!

a swift one... said...

Will do, and according to my reliable source their beers will be regular at Ossett Brewery pubs before long.

Anonymous said...

The Drop fest was a great credit to Tom and his staff who have obviously worked hard to get it off the ground, the beer range was interesting and despite having few dark beers,(not a problem in my case) there was something for everyone...the Morrissey-Fox was a coup,and not a bad beer..if you did not visit yesterday in the rain it is worth a visit...Tim