Thursday, June 05, 2008

Beer-jing Ale-ed A Success

"Thank you to everyone who attended last weekend's Beer-Jing Ale-ympics Beer Festival at the West Riding. It was a massive success and for the 2nd year running we ran out of beer on the Saturday night! (So all in all we had 33 beers on and sold over 2,304 pints of Real Ale on the outside bar!)
We were going to re rack some beer for the Sunday but due to the poor weather conditions decided not to and moved the Budists to the Cellar Bar so we could enjoy them in the dry! Apologies to those of you that turned up on Sunday.

Some beers to look forward to over the next week at the West are:-
Anglo Dutch - Sarah Barnes Stark Raven Wild, Midsummer Ale
White Rose - Pilgrim, Out for a Duck, Fools Gold
Leeds - Midnight Bell
Phoenix - White Tornado, Mayfly
Moorhouse - Pride & Pendle, Broomstick
Copper Dragon - Challenger IPA
Scattor Rock - Dartmoor Blonde
Greenfield - Delph Donkey
Durham - White Amarillo

Both websites are back up and running but not as updated as they should be due to the festival, fingers crossed this will be done by next week.

Don't miss Joe Gallagher's Noise this Saturday at the Cellar Bar from 8.30pm.
See you soon"
Sarah @ West Riding/Cellar Bar

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