Wednesday, June 04, 2008

At Long Last...Some Mallinsons!

Early indications are that The Grove has managed to get Huddersfield's newest brewery on it's bar ahead of the competition. If their website is correct then the 4.1% debutant At Long Last... from the Mallinsons Brewing Company in Lindley, is now being served. This eagerly awaited event will doubtless have local scoopers hot-footing it to Spring Grove as I write and with any luck I'll get some tasting notes before sundown!

Tasting notes from The Star (the second pub to get it on): A golden hoppy brew with a hint of sweetness and a long dry lingering bitterness - oh and more than a pinch of local sarcasm or is it self-deprecation! Others trying it at the Grove also reported ginger and spicy notes though these were apparently fleeting. I really wanted to try this at several outlets this evening for an overall assessment but the Grove sounded a little premature, whilst the Rat played safe by leaving it another day. Never mind my buds will be ready to re-assess this newby brew by the weekend - that's providing there's any left!
The pumpclip photo is of the brewery at Lindley but the colour's run or something. It looked just the same on the bar last night but is nothing like as grotty in real life. Click here to see it as it really is!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the tasting is very moreish and a credit to Tara for a very good first brew..keeps its head and is crystal clear...both in The Grove and The Star...will try and catch some more today and confirm that it lasts the course

a swift one... said...

Should be on in the Rat today. Sam was just waiting for it to drop bright before putting it on. Let me know what you find.

Daveyravey said...

The beer is very well presented, not completely to my taste, a bit bitter for my palate, but had a lovely sweet edge. Needed the extra day's conditioning.