Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Roses Clash

The Shepherds Boy in Dewsbury is hosting it's very first beer festival since joining the Ossett Brewery stable two years ago. This themed event will pit Yorkshire and Lancashire breweries agin' each other from this afternoon until Sunday evening.
Around 10 beers from each county will be available, with a few lesser known producers from over the hills featuring. With another very unsettled summer in prospect the weekend forecast is actually looking quite promising, especially for the Silver Band performance in the beer garden on Saturday afternoon. The temporary festival bar will be sited in the back room rather than outside as originally planned though - just to be on the safe side! Rain or shine the festival will get under way at noon today - so polish your tankards and prepare to do battle! (map)

Yorkshire Puddings & Lancashire Hotpot will be available to soak up the ale, and musical interludes will be the responsibility of Gerry McNeice (tonight), the Marsden Silver Band (Saturday afternoon) and Hard Rain (Sunday afternoon).

Landlord Steve Bamford, watched over by some famous Yorkshire folk, samples the impressive beer on offer at the first Shepherds Boy festival this afternoon.

Update: An incredibly popular festival meant all but three ales ran off on the Saturday night with nothing left for the majority of those attending on the Sunday afternoon. Riverhead's excellent Centenary Ale was voted most popular beer with Boggart's Waterloo Sunset Porter fininshing a close second. The remarkable success of this and last month's Drop Inn festival shows what an attraction these mini pub events have become and it can only be hoped that both venues now benefit from an increase in trade as a result.


Leigh said...

nice idea and line-up! looks like i'll be making a foray into darkest dewsbury!

Paul Garrard said...

I loath those t-shirts that they have on sale at beer festivals. The one's with the ridiculous supposedly witty slogans, often involving Oliver Reed. You have to be pretty sad to wear one of those. Even more sad to part with good money for one.

a swift one... said...

Leigh: Will look out for you though Friday afternoon will be my major sesh at this one.
Paul: Agree totally but thought the Grove shirt was a cut above since it truely is an international beer mecca.