Monday, April 28, 2008

Mild Festivals

Mini mild fests are suddenly all the rage! Indeed I have three to attend this coming weekend so here are some details. The two Ossett pubs (see flier below) will not be totally duplicating each other's beers so there's plenty of incentive to get to both. Batley & Huddersfield are actually combination festivals with cider & perry featuring at the Rat whilst the Cellar Bar in Batley has five 'Wild' (or silly strength) beers in it's line up, including the wonderful Thornbridge Jaipur IPA and awesome Pickled Pecker from Fernandes.

Cellar Bar Menu

Elland Brewery, First Light -3.7%
A light Yorkshire Ale with delicate hop flavours balanced by underlying malt sweetness. An excellent example of a Pennine light mild.
Old Bear, Bearly Mild? - 3.5%
Copper coloured, smooth on the mouth slightly fruity aftertaste. 2 english hops including Fuggles. O.G 10.35%
Saltaire, Dark Mild - 3.8%
Aclassic Dark mild with a hint of sweetness moderately hopped with fuggle hops
Acorn, Darkness - 4.3%
A deep ruby coloured traditional mild from Barnsley
Wentworth – Gunpark Light Mild – 3.8%

Anglo Dutch, Sarah Barnes Stark Raven Wild - 6%
A mildy hopped very dark ale
Church End, Rest in Peace - 6%
Light amber in colour, bitter with a good nutty mouth feel and a well balanced sweet finish
Fernandes, Pickled Pecker - 6%
Strong black stout, excellent winter warmer
Sarah Hughes, Dark Ruby Mild - 6%
Thornbridge, Jaipur IPA – 5.9%
Soft and smooth but builds to a crescendo of hoppiness accentuated by honey, powerful but pleasant bitter finish (and now permanently at The Grove in Huddersfield - what a bonus!)

Notes courtesy of Sarah Barnes at the Cellar Bar, apart from the bit about the Grove - that was mine!

All three festivals are destined to be successful as the predicted crappy weather will certainly not inspire a mass exodus to the seaside! I hope to have some pics and a report for a change to make up for the acute lack of content on here in recent weeks!


daveyravey said...

Forgot your email address will, so couldn't sent the flyers. There is duplication at the festivals in Halifax and Huddersfield but not all beers are the same!

a swift one... said...

Thanks Dave - my PC couldn't open the Pigeons one, I think it was in some presentation format not liked by Craptec Series laptops! I will try again presently though.

Anonymous said...

Will, as you say a truly inspiring list for a small festival. Can't do Thursday but may have to venture there on Friday. By the way, you have omitted the Halifax May Fest from your festival list. Should be next weekend I think

a swift one... said...

Thanks I've not been keeping that calendar up to date very well have I. Just added another ten now though but don't have Halifax details so would be grateful for any info.

Anonymous said...

Been a great weekend for mild drinkers, the Rat festival was good, and after trying, (and as you know) failing at The Cellar Bar, thought I'd give the Pigeons a go..despite what was written, the beers were the same as some of those at The Rat. Still managed a pint of Edge though. All in all though a good weekend. 8 new milds in 2 days cannot be bad. All different and all in good form. \Roll on next May. Tim