Sunday, April 06, 2008

London Tied

Ossett Brewery's latest deal has seen them replace Timothy Taylor's with Fuller's at all ten of their West Yorkshire pubs. This surprising move will ensure plenty of outlets for their own beers in 'the smoke', though just what our southern brethren will make of these sparkler-dependent brews remains to be seen.

In the meantime I'm very much looking forward to enjoying Pride, ESB and London Porter on a regular basis and moreover Fuller's should prove more popular with locals than the recent addition of Greene King. The loss of Landlord though (a permanent ale at all Ossetts until today) will disappoint many.


Tandleman said...

Well I'm not at all sure what to make of THAT, but at least there will be a chance of getting Fullers served in decent condition. It won't make that much difference to Pride I guess but it will to London Porter. As to Ossett beers in London?They'll probably be ruined.

I do know what to make of it now I think. Bad deal all round.

a swift one... said...

Think we're getting the better of this deal though it will inevitably mean less micro choice in the smaller Ossetts. Had my first Pride & Chiswick for an age at the Rat in Hudders the other day and really enjoyed them. Both ESB & Porter are waiting in the wings at their Dewsbury pub apparently so I'm now in training for a Full-tastic weekend on the dark stuff!

Davey (not biased at all) Ravey said...

Great deal, I think. Taylor's is ubiquitous and, dare I say it, boring. Few places have Fuller's beers up here and London Pride is a far superior beer to Landlord (with or without sparkler!). Bring it on!!!

Leigh said...

hmmm...not made up my mind yet. On one hand i love TT's - on the other, there are many places where i can get a pint - not so many of fuller's. so it may be a case of six of one and half a dozen of the other for me.

Paul Garrard said...

I'd chooose Fullers over TT any time. Just hope it's served properly - it'll be ruined if it's cappucino'd!

sarah barnes said...

Will can you contact Sarah Barnes at the West Riding / cellar Bar

regarding our Beer Festivals at the Cellar bar and the West

sorry havent got your e mail address


Tyson said...

Landlord is boring and London Pride is far superior? WTF! Bit late for an april fool. A bad swap I'd say, losing a good Yorkshire brewer like TT and replacing it with Fullers.