Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something Good Happening In Dewsbury Shock!

My birthplace has had the worst press of any town in the UK recently. It just seems to be one horror story after another at the moment and I would be lying if I said it wasn't getting to me. But there are some good things happening too - and some good people making them happen. This afternoon for example sees the start of a beer festival billed as the perfect antidote to this summer's Olympic Games (have they started yet?) - so if you're sickened by China's human rights record or can't stand the sight of fit & healthy people doing energetic stuff then how about getting to the West Riding and participating in some lesser known sporting challenges such as the 'Long Gulp', the 'Ten Litre Crawl' or perhaps even trying your hand at 'Scooping the Scoopers' (see Tandleman for details of this electrifying new pastime!) Over thirty beers will be featured including some brewed specially for the event.

Here is the full list and some tasting notes courtesy of Sarah Barnes from the West Riding & Cellar Bar:

Abbeydale – Embalming Prep – 5.0% - £2.30
A pale beer, hoppy aromas with grassy and fruity flavours, beautifully balanced with a lingering finish
Anglo Dutch – Sarah Barnes (Stark Raven Wild) – 6.0% £2.40
A black brew, midly hopped with target, surprisingly light on the tongue.
Atomic – Bomb – 5.2% -£2.30
A golden ale with a well hopped fruity finish, brewed with maris otter malt and 3 aromatic hops
Barnstormer – Wild Hare – 5.0% - £2.30
A pale organic bitter, toasted grapefruit aroma with a hoppy & fruity taste. Refreshing & clean on the palate
Blythe – Chase Bitter – 4.4% - £2.20
Copper to tawny coloured with a fruit & hop start with a caramel sweetness developing
BradfieldOlympic Special – 4.5% - £2.20
A fruity full bodied pale beer with bursts of citrus and summer fruits aromas, refreshing drink with a sharp dry aftertaste
Breconshire – Ramblers Ruin – 5.0% - £2.30
Dark amber, full bodied with rich biscuity malt & fruit flavours. Background hops and bitterness round off the beer
CaledonianXPA – 4.3% - 2.20
A golden beer with a citric hop aroma, a full, malty flavour & clean, bittersweet finish
Derventio – Roman Pale Ale – 3.6% - £2.10
Light, fragrant & deliciously hoppy
Dogs Life – Gone to the Dogs – 4.5% - £2.20
A light brown beer with a well balanced malt & hop flavour
Durham – Beer-jing Bitter – 4.4% - £2.20
A golden ale, fruity & rich with orange & honey with a touch of corriander, balanced by centennial hops
Elland – Sunshine Day – 4.8% - £2.20
A debut beer, pale copper coloured and a full flavoured bitter with a hoppy aroma and a long bitter aftertaste
Enville – Ginger – 4.6% - £2.20
Golden bright with gentle ginger twangs. A drinkable beer with no accute flavour but a satisfying aftertaste of sweet hopiness
Fernandes – Pickled Pecker – 5.5% - £2.30
A smooth strong black stout, easy drinking for it’s strength
Grafton - Summer Bliss – 4.5% - £2.20
Greenfield – Brewery Mill – 4.2% - £2.20
Golden bitter with a slightly dry hoppy taste
Holdens – Golden Glow – 4.4% - £2.20
A golden ale with a subtle yet fragrant hop aroma. A thirst quenching refreshing beer
Hornbeam – West Riding Steam Ale – 4.8% - £2.20
Red-copper in colour with a deep hoppiness, floral & fruity with citrus mellow to a pleasing sweetness
Harviestoun – Mae Best – 4.2% - £2.20
A darker beer with blackcurrant overtones further hop additions produce a pleasing floral aroma – very moreish!
Harviestoun – Ptarmigan – 4.5% - £2.20
A well balanced bittersweet beer. The dominant malt & hops together with fruit produces a clean hoppy aftertaste
Leeds – Yorkshire Gold – 4.2% - £2.20
A full golden ale. Specially selected English Northdown hops give this well balanced bitter a rich and satisfying finish.
MoorhousesAle-lymics Ale – 4.2% - £2.20
A smooth, satisfying dark ale with a full round distinct chocolate malt body and a pleasant hop aftertaste
NethergateStour Valley – 6.5% - £2.50
A strong entire butt brewed using a blend of dark chocolate and amber malts. A fine dark garnet ale
OakhamJHB – 3.8% - £2.10
A straw coloured ale with an aromatic citrus hop. A hoppy, fruity and bottersweet palate with a dry bitter aftertaste
OldershawDecacdence – 6.3% - £2.50
Strong, amber & full of flavour with a fruity, spicy aroma from 1st gold and willamette hops
Olde Swan – Dark Swan – 4.2% - £2.20
Smooth & sweet dark mild with a late roast malt in the finish
Salopian – Hop Twister – 4.5% - £2.20
A golden pale ale with a fine citrusy flavour leading to a complex, refreshing hop finish
SaltaireOlympia – 4.0% - £2.10
Greek honey is infused with this classic blonde beer for a refreshing taste
White Horse – Saracen IPA – 4.5% - £2.20
A medium body with a crisp bitterness from fuggles and east kent goldings hops. Vienna & amber malts balance the bitterness
Woods – Shropshire Lass – 4.2% - £2.20
Fruity, golden bitter with good hop and dry aftertaste, blonde and well flavoured
Yorkshire Dales – Silver – 4.1% - £2.20
Crisp and dry with lots of golding hops

Update: By Saturday afternoon one or two I'd liked to have sampled had been finished, including the Leeds (no surprise there!) but the superb fruity Durham Beijing Bitter and delightful Cairngorm Ptarmigan were undoubtedly the best of the rest.


Anonymous said...

Never knew you came from Dewsbury,suppose it takes all sorts !!! A good festival,30 varied beers to suit all tastes..think 9 on handpull and rest on gravity,but properly cooled..nice atmosphere..nice people..well worth a visit

Daveyravey said...

A good do, spoilt by the train journey afterwards!

a swift one... said...

Going on the train tomorrow Dave - it didn't breakdown again did it?!
Thanks for the info Tim, really looking forward to this one.

daveyravey said...

No, we got on at 11.45, the train set off and we were then told that it wasn't stopping at Huddersfield. We had to go to Manchester and get a replacement bus that got us home at 2.30am. Not happy.

fester the monkey said...

Not strictly connected but The Armitage Bridge Monkey club is holding it's second MonkeyFest 5 and 6th July. Thanks for the excellent review last year hoping this year's will be even better.