Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trust In Castle Rock

Not a lot of Nottingham's Castle Rock beer has been seen in these parts for a while so to suddenly find a veritable infestation of the stuff in the local Ossett Brewery pubs is nothing short of bloody marvellous. I became a big fan whilst living in York when some sort of deal with York Brewery meant plenty of Nottingham Gold and Elsie Mo in all their tied houses.
Sadly it's been a rare delight since those days but catching up with the Sheriff's Tipple 3.5% (formerly Nottingham Gold) at the Shepherds Boy in Dewsbury last week and now the beautiful Harvest Pale 3.8% and stunning Hemlock 4.0% at the Rat & Ratchet has meant Castle Rock is no longer just a beery reminiscence.

I was also delighted to see that the brewery is still supporting the chronically under-funded Wildlife Trust and drawing attention to threatened species with it's Natural Selection range. Those who read my other blog will know I enjoy spending a lot of time waiting for the pubs to open at my local Wildlife Trust reserve, so the latest in this special range, Great Crested Grebe 4.2% (which is currently waiting to go on at the Rat incidentally!), is anticipated with some eagerness!

As far as I'm aware the Notts WT is hoping to acquire another big chunk of Sherwood Forest for re-planting as part of it's latest campaign, so why not do your bit for wildlife by tracking down Castle Rock today and enjoy some mighty fine tasting ale into the bargain!


Anonymous said...

Great Crested Grebe will be on the bar today I should think. Sam

a swift one... said...

And coincidentally so shall I ... well not on it exactly! Cheers for that Sam.

Paul Garrard said...

Castle Rock Harvest is a beer I've enjoyed on a couple of occasions. Shame I can't get it in my neck of the woods.