Thursday, March 13, 2008

Festival Time Again!

The year's first serious round of beer festivals kicks off this week with Leeds, quickly followed by The Star in Huddersfield and Suddaby's of Malton. I've not managed a Leeds fest in ages as firstly I'm not struck on the venue (which hasn't even been in Leeds for years) and secondly it always seems to clash with something more local. This year I've no real excuse other than I feel a great need to prepare for the Easter brace by lying low for a few days - my stamina not being what it once was!

The Star has as usual listed a few of it's expected 70 beers to tempt the fence-sitting tickers/ scratchers/ scoopers (or whatever the popular slang is at the moment) to venture forth, though I doubt most will need to think twice. Of the fifteen published on the website, the following are must meet ales for me: Iceni Pilgrim 4.2%, Cairngorm White Lady 4.7% and Grafton Packet IPA 5.2% and I shall endeavour to get in depth interviews with all three! The first session gets underway at tea time Wednesday 19th by the way.

No details have emerged from Suddaby's, other than the musical menu, but expect in the region of 45 beers over the four day event which starts on Thursday (20th). More info on all three festivals can be found in the calendar on the sidebar or alternatively click the pubs' links and here for the full skinny.

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