Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Festivals (Part 1)

Another blinding pair of beer bashes thankfully put paid to any ennui that could easily have ruined a bank holiday set at this ludicrous time of year. Easter in March has always been a daft idea and this year in particular it looked and felt more like Christmas than any spring festival. Indeed I've seen more snow this weekend than in December, January and February combined - though on the up-side I reckon I've drunk more great beer this weekend than in December, January and February combined, so no real complaints I guess!

The heroes at the Star in no particular order were:
Hornbeam Tears of Angels - newish Manchester brewery at the top of their game with this moreish well balanced pale quaffer.
Coach House Blueberry - gimmicky as usual but you can't fault the quality. I've had a craving for muffins ever since!
Pictish Orion's Belt - a return to form for the Rochdale outfit who always seem to pull something a bit special out of the hat for this festival.
Brew Dog Edge - a real triumph of flavour over strength from the Scottish cult brewers.
Fulstow Coitus Interuptus - not only a great name and outrageous pump-clip but a truly outstanding dark traditional ale. Not normally my cuppa but this rocked!

And the villains:
Brew Dog Hop Rocker - wanted so much to like this but even after four separate attempts I couldn't get past the sour edge. Hopefully the Star will continue to feature their beers at future festivals though 'cos they certainly surprise!
Cherwell Valley Larkrise - came highly recommended and even had a great clip but that's as far as it went for me.
Coastal Merry Maidens Mild - was one of two offerings from the newest Cornish brewer but both failed to excite and I'm normally a great fan of beer from this region.
Cairngorm White Lady - sure I've had this before and I'm sure it was better than this. I expect the earth from this magnificent brewery and so when it doesn't deliver it's double the disappointment!

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Anonymous said...

Cannot argue with your choice of favorite and not so favorite beers,except the Larkrise,which I think I recommended. The Pictish Manc'y Mild was worth a mention too,another weak strength mild with lots of flavour. As usual though, loads of hand pulled beer in good condition and a good variety to suit all pallettes. Cannot wait for the summer one !!