Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Suddaby's Add Easter Festival

Suddaby's Crown Hotel in Malton is holding three beer festivals this year with the usual summer and winter events being augmented by a four day Easter bash (19th-22nd March). The dates, unsurprisingly, coincide with several other fests not least of which is the mighty Star's spring 'do' in Huddersfield, resulting in the mother of all beer bothering weeks to look forward to!

Do take a gander at Suddaby's completely revamped website from where a range of bottled beer and various brewery memorabilia can be ordered. Information on all upcoming events, music nights and the like can also be found there plus accommodation details for those necessary festival stop-overs!


Tandleman said...

I must try and get over for the Star's Fest. You could add Oldham to your list as it isn't far from you. Open 4th and 5th April at Queen Elizabeth Hall

a swift one... said...

Thanks for that one tandleman.

Anonymous said...

come on Will keep it up to date like you used to, Mick


a swift one... said...

Sorry Mick too much BTO work and footy recently - back to normal next weekend!

Anonymous said...

Only joking but cheers anyway.
Keep up the good work.