Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Worst Beer Related Inventions of the 21st Century

No. 1 - The Lees GAG Glass

Whilst on the proverbial 'Road to Wembley' last Saturday I joined hoards of fellow travellers and locals alike in the Rifle Range, a J W Lees outlet in Oldham, for a little pre-match unction. And very good it was too. Three Lees were available, the bitter, the dark mild and a 4.8% plum beer which I could seriously drone on about for ages 'cos it was all rather splendid - but instead...well just take a look at what we had to sup the stuff out of...

I mean for pity's sakes!!! We've come a long way since descending from the trees (well most of us) and for a mammal our dexterity has pretty much reached it's zenith in evolutionary terms. So why on earth does an established and traditional brewer of fine ales think it necessary to produce this monstrosity in which to serve it's hand-crafted, time-honoured output?

I mean I could half understand those dicks at C**ling coming up with something like this for their addled fan base - they could aim one of these at some one's head much more accurately for one thing - but real ale drinkers are supposed to be the discerning end of the market. Aren't we the ones who don't drink for the sole purpose of getting totally sh*t-faced and consequently much less likely to suddenly go whoops half way through a pint?

I can't remember when I last dropped a glass, other than doing the washing-up, so it surely isn't enough of a problem to warrant this ugly looking piece of crap! Perhaps it's something peculiar to our slippery Red Rose cousins, I don't know, but if I lived in that part of the world and supported this brewery there might be one or two irate letters or perhaps even a placard outside HQ - at the very least a clenched fist of disapproval! Come on Lees - get a grip!


Chela said...

Absolutely upsetting but... being honest it's also a bit funny, isn't it?

BTW, congrats for your splendid blog, good stories, nice reviews of the ale and beer world and a great sense of humour.

a swift one... said...

You're right it is funny but you wouldn't what it in your local. People playing spot the retard beer drinker - needs showing where to put his fingers!!!
Thanks for your kind comments.

Tandleman said...

You know as Lees CAMRA Brewery Liaison Officer, I should be defending them. Er shouldn't I? My view is they should concentrate on what's in the glass. I won't drink out of one if I can avoid it. Fortunately my Lees Local refuses to use them!

As Lees and you said. Get a grip!